I'm Amelia, that mom-life coach in your pocket. I help with all things from pregnancy, postpartum, and newborn care to creating positive habits and sticking to your goals throughout your parenthood journey via a mix of handy guides, self-study programs, and one-on-one support.


Habit Change Cheatsheet

Do you want to stop self-sabotaging and become more consistent with your habits? Look no further than the Habit Change Made Simple Cheatsheet. This FREE resource will help you identify, target, and tackle the most pressing habit you'd like to change.


Your Postpartum Pantry

Making sure to fuel yourself with nourishing foods will have a significant impact on your postpartum recovery. In this resource, you'll find: a few of my favorite recommendations and why they are important, a checklist with ideas for stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer as well as a few recipes.

ProDoula is the leading edge certification organization for birth workers known for developing compassionate doulas and creating professional opportunities 

Health & Wellness Coaching for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and delivery as well as maximize your health and that of your baby once you're home. Join a workshop or sign up for individual coaching sessions

[M]otherboard is where education meets collaboration and informed decision-making. I'm proud to use their resources in all my programs as well as be listed in their directory

Plus Size Birth provides positive plus-size pregnancy resources and support and connects expectant parents with size-friendly care providers (I'm on their doula list!)

As a Certified Consistency Coach™, I’m trained in a unique set of tools and strategies based on the science of the brain and the psychological drivers behind successful long-term behavior change


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